Finding the perfect childcare to meet your family’s needs can be quite a journey, and we find parents often have similar concerns.

Choosing the Best Childcare

How do I know which childcare option is right for my child?

There are a lot of options for childcare and the “right” choice is the one that suits you and your child best – it is a very personal choice.  The advantages of homebased care include:

  • shutterstock_152966303 (2) (002)The setting is home-like with a consistent Educarer
  • Groups often mirror family groups (multi-age)
  • Siblings may be cared for in the same home
  • May offer greater flexibility in hours
  • Smaller groups (no more than 4) allow for more individualised attention.

If these things are important to you then Kiwikidz Homebased is the right place for you.

Who chooses the Educarer for my child?

Kiwikidz will provide you with details of all the available educarers near you. You will be able to meet them to find the person who best meets your family’s requirements.

At Kiwikidz Homebased, all our educarers been gone through a careful selection and induction process. All our Educarer’s homes comply with the safety requirements of the Ministry of Education.

What are the guidelines for your service?

Kiwikidz Homebased is licensed by the Ministry of Education and operates under the Ministry of Education Licensing Criteria for Home-based Services 2008.  We are reviewed by the Education Review Office (ERO) every three years and this report is publicly available.

All our homes comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, to provide a nurturing, educational and fun education and care environment.

Care Availability

What age group do you provide childcare for?

We provide care and education for preschool children from birth to 6 years old.

When is care available?

We are licenced 7am to 7pm seven days per week.

What are the carer/child ratio’s in homebased childcare?

Small group ratios are a feature of homebased educare, allowing natural bonding between Educarer and child. There are no more than 4 preschool children in the home at any one time, with only two of these children being under the age of 2. This includes the Educarers own preschool children.

What happens if my Educarer is unavailable?

If your Educarer is ever unavailable we will do our utmost to find alternative care for your child with another Educarer.  If you choose to make your own arrangements, you will not be charged.

Communication & Support

How am I kept informed about what is happening at Kiwikidz?

Communication with our families is very important. We provide regular newsletters and update our facebook page with information every few days. We provide a variety of opportunities for you to meet and engage with as well us so that everyone is fully informed. Click here to learn more.

How do I know my child is learning and growing in the care of their Educarer?

Kiwikidz provides regular feedback on your child’s care and education through their daily journals and also by recording their learning journey in their portfolios as well as through regular contact with a Visiting Teacher.  We partner with families and educarers to optimise your child’s learning.

Educarers are supported by registered Early Childhood Teachers to ensure that learning experiences challenge and extend children’s skills, knowledge and interests and that each child has an individualised learning plan in place.

What support can I expect from Kiwikidz Homebased?

We provide Registered Early Childhood Teachers to visit and work with all our Educarers. They are in regular contact with you and visit your child and Educarer regularly.

Our Visiting Teachers review and assess your child’s milestones and learning journey (which is documented in their portfolio) just as you would expect in an early childhood centre.

We also provide weekly play groups and regular trips to supplement the programme offered in the Educarer’s home.


How much does Kiwikidz childcare cost?

This depends on the age of your child, the number of hours required (each day and in total each week) and whether your child is eligible for any government Early Childhood Education subsidies or WINZ (Work & Income) subsidies.

Our hourly fees are very reasonable. Click here to learn more about our fees.


If you have any further questions, please contact us – we are happy to chat with you. Ph 0800 5437 787 or email us at pip@kiwikidzhomebased.co.nz.