Easter Newsletter

Easter Newsletter montageWelcome to our new educarers Sharie a primary trained teacher from Warkworth, Kristen an ECE teacher from Helensville and welcome back to Lara from Kaipara Flats who has been spending the last few years with her fourth child. As you can see we have a variety of quality educarers with great experience.

With Easter coming up we have been having fun doing some art activities at playgroup. We made little baskets with handles out of egg cartons then we dyed and decorated boiled eggs. After our mat time we then got to go on an Easter egg hunt around the playground. It was very exciting and we enjoyed looking for and discovering where all the chocolates were.

Our current planning is on Fire Safety, this has emerged from our children’s interests in talking about the fire engines as our playgroup is next door to the fire station and when the alarm goes off the children like to stand by the gate and watch the fire engine leave. We have been discussing the importance of fire safety at our mat times. We have a trip on Monday 18th April at Mahurangi Fire Station in Snells Beach at 10.30am, if your child does not attend that day you are welcome to bring your child along but you will need to stay to ensure correct ratios. Any parents whose children are in care and would like to come along and help please let your educarer, Carolyn or Pip know.

Just an update of our areas and contact numbers. Pip Stocking is now responsible for our Tahi network covering north of Orewa her contact details are 027 343 8077 pip@kiwikidzhomebased.co.nz

Tiffany Jackson accounts and office manager 09 423 8246 or tiffany@kiwikidzhomebased.co.nz

We would love to hear from you with your experiences, ideas or any other feedback for Kiwikidz so please email or call us on one of the above contacts


Kiwikidz wishes you all a safe and Happy Easter

Jen, Bryce, Carolyn and Pip

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